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What document is used to show ownership of land?

A land title is one of the most fundamental documents to show proof of land ownership in Uganda. Some people are not able to tell the difference between a fake title and an original one and have therefore fallen victim to land fraud and grabbing.

What is the minimum size of land to title?

The standard size of a plot of land that can be awarded a title should be a 50 by 100. If the plot is smaller than that, it cannot have a land title. “This means that if one cannot afford a 50 by 100 alone, it can be shared by two people with both their names on it.

How do I check a land title?

  1. Make a written Request for a search addressed to the Commissioner, Land. Registration giving the description of the Land:
  2. The application is presented to the Office of Commissioner Land Registration.
  3. The bearer pays that amount in the bank and obtains a receipt that is presented to the Land Office.

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